sakaeth Electricals
Welcome to Sakaeth Electricals

Sakaeth Electricals was established in 2002 with a vision to be a market leader. The young Technocrat team led by Mr. Ravikumar laid the platform for realizing the vision and to achieve greater results. Today it is one of the leading companies in offering the best engineering services.

It is known for its superior quality, high performance, custom design, project execution and maintenance that ensure enhanced safety and efficiency for all projects. It boasts of being empanelled with leading consultants across multiple domains, customer acquisition and retention across various segments of customers. Sakaeth has partnered with network of leading vendors with strong backend integration and stringent quality process in procurement of Materials.

The process of execution are monitored and controlled on a continuous basis being time conscious and ensuring quality output yielding to customer satisfaction. Sakaeth Electricals is equipped with state of art infrastructure with latest technology, equipments, tools and software.

Sakaeth has a team of talented, qualified and experienced professionals working diligently towards providing the best to the customers and implementing plans made, to perfection.