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Automation - Industrial Automation Products And Services

Variable frequency drives:

Ws have extensive range of variable frequency drives from different manufacturers from QMA, Thinget drives etc. We also undertake VFD and process, automation projects.

QMA 9000 series PG feedback VFD.                        QMA 5000 series V/F control VFD.

Programmable logic controllers& HMIs

We deal with Thinget brand PLCs and HMI, we also undertake industrial automation projects based on PLCs and HMIs and SCADA.

XMP series mini Touch screen HMI+PLC

XC series PLC with 48 DI/DO

XMP/XC series HMI+PLC with touch screen

Industrial grade Infrared (IR) heaters and ceramic IR radiators.
We supply and also do erection and commissioning works for IR radiators /heaters both short range and medium range quartz IR systems.

Elstein IR ceramic radiators

Medium wave IR heater for paint drying in glass industry and other industries

Phase angle thyristor Power regulators for furnace and other industrial application:

Accurate control of power and thereby control of temperature is possible only with Phase angle thyristors, our SIPIN range of imported thyristor systems are capable of better accuracy in temperature control and low initial cost when compared with other manufacturers. We can supply Thyristors or Furnace control thyristor panels from 100 amps up to 720 amps three phase. (600 KW per system)

We can also supply PID controller and temperature profile controllers for the industry. Our Static SSR is best suited for STATCON and APFC applications.

WS series 100A Module (3 phase) with build in overtemp. protection and semiconductor fuse.